Marc Engel

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“It’s very rare that I would post a testimonial at all. 110% COMPLETE satisfaction is something you rarely find anymore. However, here’s one that is well deserved. I’m fairly new to Fort Pierce and own a 2006 Carolina Skiff. I was told to go to this one place in which I will not name, Paid more money than I could afford, and after less than a year, had the same issues. I was referred once again to M and M Marine Services. I was worried that I had major issues with my lower unit, and electrical problems as well. I’m not a mechanic by any means and Mark and Marty could have told me whatever they so pleased and I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I was in total disbelief when I got the best news ever..”there’s nothing wrong with your lower unit, it just needed to be properly put into the neutral position” WOW! I was quoted a price for the electrical, which ended up a nightmare for the guys whom put in way more extra time into fixing it. Marty knew I was on a budget and still fixed ALL the problems for the same price he originally told me. Thank You Mark, Marty, and the Guys for nothing less than BRUTAL HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and the KNOWLEDGE of getting the job done right. If other businesses ran their’s like you run yours, there would be a lot more happy people in the world. If all my fingers were thumbs, it would be 10 THUMBS UP for your entire staff.”